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For The Love of Baths

Somehow my Medicinal Wisdom Healing Baths have taken on a life of their own. I truly never expected to have them be so warmly and enthusiastically received.

But you guys love them.

The stories that you tell me about what happens while you’re in them - stories I will never share because they are all so sacred and tender and personal - each new story of awakening, healing and release blasts my heart wide open. I am so honored to get to be connected to such profound moments in your life.

I almost can’t keep up with the orders, and I’m constantly channeling recipes for new baths. It’s like they all just want to be here, now. This is their time on the planet…not a moment too soon or a moment too late.

I just placed a massive order with my “herb guy” and can’t wait to update my shop with the new baths that want to come forward.

It’s been like unlocking a door to a part of the universe I didn’t really think was meant for me. And now that I’m here, I will never not be in awe.

I’m blown away. Honored. I cry. This little dream of mine. 🤍.


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