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Embodying Alignment

Look around you - life is happening again! Spring is here, and with it has come a rush of hope and opportunity to create a new "normal". The way we engage with life and its new blossoming is intimately tied to the choices we make. But how do we know what to choose?

How do we know what is right for us?

How do we make decisions that align with our highest self and truest callings?

For the last two years, I traveled around: I got lost in the desert and found myself in the woods; I wandered the streets of Paris...I followed my instincts, quite literally...and physically...

After a while, I wondered - did I want to settle down, and if so, where should I plant my roots?

I could envision myself living in many different places. Because my work transitioned to the online space and my only real responsibility is my dogs, the whole world was open to me. With every option available, I at first felt overwhelmed.

Everything looked and sounded good, even great. But which was the most aligned, what was my next right step?

So I brought it to my practice. I connected with my core desires and I felt the answer loud and clear. I needed to be in New York. I didn’t second guess it. It was a deep, strong knowing rooted in my body. Once I got clear on that, I was able to take inspired action to make it happen.

Without my sacred ceremonies and practices, I would never have felt so at ease, so clear, and so confident about this major decision.

So I write to you from NYC, where I am truly the happiest I’ve ever been. I knew I would be best supported here and I am. I feel creative and held enough to make bold, brave choices.

This is what it feels like when you Become The Source - aligned, confident, unshakeable, self-assured.


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