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Dark Nights Of The Soul Explained

A dark night of the soul can be defined as the collapsing of a perceived meaning in life. When everything you once believed to be true is no longer true, or when who you once knew yourself to be is no longer who you are. A spiritual awakening/remembering, or the shifting of paradigms to make way for something that is greater than what was there before.

Dark nights of the soul are the access points for our healing, as well as where we discover and refine the medicine we are meant to bring to the world. And while it can sometimes feel like there is nothing but darkness, if you orient yourself towards service (how can I use the wisdom of the darkness to make the world a lighter place) you can shift the experience from something that is happen to you, to something that is happening for you, and eventually to something that is happening through you…

The world right now is in a dark night of the soul. The collective is reshaping the way it perceives itself and the structures around it. And as the world and the collective shifts, so does the individual. Which is to say: chances are that you, too, are in a dark night of the soul, or are in the process of emerging from one.

What I can tell you is that this process is softened through community, through cultivating perspective and through developing practices that will support you through your lifetime, not just the moment.

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