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Being Self Sourced

When you are self-sourced you are simultaneously able to manage the world on your own AND able to see and receive the abundance of support that exists around you. In order to be self-sourced, you need to release your addiction to doing it all on your own. Quite the paradox, right?

Being self-sources means you no longer have a visceral unmet need for someone to come rescue you because you have already created enough strength and trustability within yourself to rescue yourself, but it also means that you are available to receive support and amplification in all areas of your life. You are in trust with the world around you enough to know you don’t have to do it all yourself. Nor do you want to. Because being self-sourced also means acknowledging and affirming your humanness - your boundaries, limits and desires - and being open and receptive enough to allow them to be met externally.

Bring self-sourced means recognizing that you are highly resourced. In any scenario of reality. Being self-sourced means that surrender feels safe to your nervous system. Which means you have done the work to heal your nervous system and not only be able to see what brilliant support is in front of you, but also allow yourself to enter into ecstatic partnership with it.


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