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An Open Heart Is A Wise Heart

An open heart is a wise heart.

The unguarded heart is a powerful force.

A return to innocence,

To a time before you knew pain, loneliness, fear, betrayal…

When you loved fiercely, without limits and without conditions.

We are born with unguarded hearts

And slowly learn to contract and hide them.

To pull away from serving Love -

From your true heart’s yearning -

To instead serving fear as your master.

These patterns of self-betrayal

Settle into your body

Until they feel like home

And you believe a distant heartbeat is enough

To build a life around.

Until your heart gets jolted

As if by an internal electrical force

And you know you can no longer live

With your heart in a cage.

Inhale, exhale

The beat draws closer

And you begin to dance

In rhythm

Your body opening

In rhythm

Your heart opening

The more you dance

The lighter it becomes

The more light it shines

Dancing, in rhythm with the world.

We have learned to close our hearts as a way of survival, only to learn that we are dying. Unless we live from our hearts - from our wild, open hearts - we will always be searching for ourselves through another. We must once again live as a force.

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