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A Morning Practice

One of my practices is to let myself cry when I need to cry.

It’s harder than you think (we are so conditioned to override crying to make others comfortable), and it’s a practice that is rooted in another practice.

Every morning, when I wake up and before I grab my phone, I scan my body and excavate lingering spaces of unfelt emotion - for me, this shows up mostly as sadness - and I let myself feel it.

Unattached to any story, uninterested in assigning it to any events. Just allowing the emotion to be felt as it is, in its purest, most undistilled form.

So I begin my mornings in a state of acceptance. Of receptivity. Of surrender. Because that’s how I want to live my days. Present for what is, surrendered to the moment, deeply receiving what is beautiful.

For so many years I suppressed my sorrow, my rage, my fear...I held myself back because I felt like it www too much. Too deep. Too intense. Too confronting. Too dangerous.

But you can’t suppress the dark without also suppressing the light.

And so my practice is to feel everything. To allow it all to run through me so that I can be free to surrender and receive what I choose, without being limited by lingering fear, anger or sorrow.

And so now when I feel something, I acknowledge the experience let myself feel it, knowing that only the honest arrival at expression is what will allow me to release it and not be held prisoner by my own denial. I breathe into each sensation, move it through my body, and let it roar out. Shattering the separation between me and everything beautiful.


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