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A Hand, Outstretched

I think what makes me a good and effective teacher/mentor/leader is that I am so “in it” and committed to my own healing and process. I see every experience - good, bad, ugly, messy - as an opportunity to go deeper, to excavate and release more, to understand more, to soften into compassion and love more, to receive more...I move my wounded spaces into healing mastery as a devoted lifestyle, because that is what gives me the energy to show up for life.

I show up with such a fierce commitment to my own work and that same ferocity is transmitted through how I show up for the people in my life: for my clients, my friends, my family, my lovers. I’ve learned to go from a tiny, eating disordered speck of a girl to a bold and confident woman who is comfortable taking up space. I’ve stopped taking lovers who reinforce my wounding, and instead only allow Kings to enter my castle. My boundaries are clear and defined, and while sometimes it is difficult to stand by them with elegance, I am committed to no longer people pleasing or overriding my intuition and needs for the comfort of others.

I am always in process, of course, as we all are for the rest of our conscious lives. Even when I get fatigued and just want to take a breath. Because when it gets exhausting and dark and dank and scary and lonely, I know that magic is brewing within the caldron of my soul. And so I commit, fully, to the experience I am presently in - almost with an excited glee - because I know that I will emerge with new wisdom (and jokes, because there must be laughter) to share with the world.

I’ve stepped fully into my own sovereignty - I have Become My Source - and the groundedness and wildness and playfulness and honesty I radiate is an inspiration to those who are open to me. I know this and I honor that with so much reverence and integrity. I heal so others recognize their invitation to do the same. To show up through adversity as love, with love. I hold out my hand, so you can do the same.

Because that is the whole damn point.

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