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Medicinal Wisdom baths are a bespoke healing experience. Formerly only available to my private clients, the magical baths I create for you include a beautiful blend of reiki-infused salts, flowers, crystals and prayers.


Each bath is unique and filled with so much love and magic. In the form below, you will share with me some of your story as well as what you are working to call in or release.


I weave into your specially formulated bath a prayer (in the form of song), charge it under the moonlight and then ship it off to you. You'll receive your bath in a sweet little bag, along with a hand-printed channeled message for you.


You will receive two 8 oz. baths per purchase.

Medicinal Wisdom Healing Bath: Channeled

  • Each reiki-infused bath includes:

    A special blend of bath salts

    Intentionally chosen dried ORGANIC flowers & herbs


    A prayer sung into the bath as I am making it, before it is charged in the moonlight.

    A channeled message especially for you.


    **All baths are essential oil free and created with organic, ethically sourced/small batch ingredients**

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