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 As someone who has spent the thousands of hours holding space for people on their darkest, most desperate and confusing thresholds, I can identify loneliness as a driving factor behind almost all existential despair. Loneliness, in my opinion, is rooted in either a lack of connection with self or a lack of connection with others.

 I believe that our culturally reinforced (and now enforced) separateness is the catalyst for our dis-ease, undefined depression and anxiety, and most of our physical ailments.

What has always struck me are the ways we numb, avoid or deny this core issue of our dis-ease.


We develop survival techniques (both healthy and unhealthy) that keep us from noticing how alone we really are, and keep us in denial of our deep, primal longing for consistent connection, acknowledgement, affirming, and - most importantly, presence. Being seen and held. Being loved in your messiness. Being welcomed in and accepted.

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that we cannot live like this anymore. We must slowly peel away our addiction to the coping mechanisms that exist to keep us afloat in a world that no longer seems to offer reprieve.

So we must make the choice to change.


We must take the opportunities to open. And we must cultivate a devotion to the deepening. The deepening of our connection with ourselves and with each other.

We Gather because it means connection, which eradicates the loneliness that keeps us trapped in a cycle of despair or paralysis. And once we feel truly seen and affirmed - by ourselves and by others - we begin to stretch out beyond surviving into a big, creative world of thriving. And from a place of thriving, we can truly and sustainably, make a positive change in this world.

The Medicinal Wisdom Collective Welcomes You In

Currently, there are two ways to Gather with the Medicinal Wisdom Collective.

The first option is with the Medicinal Wisdom Cacao Collective. Every month, on the New Moon the Cacao Collective gathers for a Cacao Ceremony and deep journeying experience. Ceremony is a conversation with the soul through the language of sacred ritual, meditation, breathwork and reiki. I guide you through this unique shamanic experience and hold space for your evolution.


The second option is with the Medicinal Wisdom Sisterhood Collective. Every month, on the Full Moon, the Sisterhood Collective gathers for a Womxn's Circle: an evening full of lovingly curated content, witchy moon vibes, sacred rituals and rites of passage, and - of course - a sharing circle. You will gain access to a Private Facebook Group and can join in on our book club, as well! If you join the Sisterhood Collective, you also have access to the Cacao Collective. 

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