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Your Practice Is Your Portal

Your practice is not a substitute for the hard work you have to do to overcome your trauma, wounds, limiting beliefs and stories. Your practice is what allows you to get from point A to point B without acquiring more along the way.

Our practices are our portals. When we nourish them (through our participation), they become like a big tree with deep roots that provides shelter and steadiness during the wild storm of the human experience.

But they are not a ticket out of that wild storm.

They offer the opportunity to move with grace through the challenges and heartbreak, and they provide space from the intensity for processing and perspective.

You’re still going to experience the full spectrum of the human experience no matter what you do, but how you get through it//how you orient yourself to it is up to you.

Find a practice that works for you and devote yourself to it. Allow your practice AND your devotion to be human and imperfect. Celebrate your chaos and your grace. Fall in love with yourself and discover how the intentional cultivation of the present moment is what will inform your past and design your future with beauty, love, pleasure and abundance.


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