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Your Heart Belongs In The Drivers Seat

Who you are is driven by your heart. What you do is driven by ego.

Focus on your heart and what you do will light up the world. Focus on what you do and you will become ensnared in a trap of disconnect and hustle for worthiness.

Learn how to keep your body soft and open in times of conflict, confusion and pain, and you will not contribute to the suffering on the planet. Learn to meet each moment with fullness, vulnerability and honesty.

Cultivate your legacy on a constantly nurtured foundation of curiosity, connection, love and joy and your life will be one of deep impact and service. Source your offerings to the world from your heart and you will blast into infinity.

Trust that your joy will lead to the most inspiring and abundant productivity that you could ever possibly hope for. Trust that your deepest, truest bliss will lead the world to salvation.


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