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The World Is Burning

There is no denying that we are living in a time of chaos and pain. As the world around us burns, so too does the world within us.

The external nightmare is always a reflection of the internal nightmare.

So how can we own and alchemize our pain so we don’t add to the collective suffering through our own?

How do we heal ourselves in a way that also transforms the world?

The audacity of investing in inner work during times of collective angst may be infuriating to some, but there is no better time - no more needed of a time - to relieve the world of the pain of your intergenerational trauma (and whatever else you are carrying).

If it doesn’t end with you, when will it end? What are you asking the world to inherit if you don’t clear what you have inherited?

I genuinely do not care how you do it. You can learn from me or one of the thousands of other people out there who help people clear the wounds.

Just do it.

A practice that gives you the tools to sit sway shimmy dance org*sm shake scream growl hiss or laugh back into your heart - a heart that no doubt feels fatigue, grief, terror and closure right now - is the practice you and the world need.

Bring to your practice one thing you are working on - anger, pain, heartbreak, betrayal, fear, scarcity mentality, ancestral trauma, etc.


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