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Sweet Release

The relief that comes from finally letting yourself love what you love is a full body experience.

Finally, no more hiding the most precious and exceptional parts of you.

Finally, no more carrying the weight of inauthenticity. Of performing.

Finally, sweet release of your blocks to abundance.

Because when you give yourself permission to love what you love, the whole world sings in harmony to the song of your soul.

The trick, though, is in the allowing.

In the reprogramming the stories that tell us we can’t have the things that make us happy.

The belief that suffering is more useful/noble than bliss.

That it is safe to be seen in pleasure and joy.

This becomes your holy practice.

Your pilgrimage to meet god.

Your awakening.

Your birthright.

Your divine calling.

Your medicine.

Your offering of love.

Because once you allow yourself to love what you love, you magically call in more.

For yourself, and for those around you.

Becoming The Source is the temple for this holy practice. Come play.


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