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My Job Description

When people come to me with an issue, it is my job to remind them of their power. As a mentor and a teacher, I do not assume the role of fixer, but rather one of facilitator. And so questions about what to do are often met with the same response: “run it through your practice. What does your body tell you?”

So often, when we are deciding what the next right step is, we are met with our monkey mind, which is full of subconscious patterns and limiting thought forms. And usually our instinct is to want to outsource or seek guidance from an external source. But the truth is that only WE know that next right step, and as we learn how to dialogue with our uncertainty in a way that moves it, we begin to trust ourselves and become our own guide.

To tap into your infinite wellspring of wisdom to discover the answer you already know.

To move from your mind into your body, which then gives you access to your spirit - your soul - and reveals the playbook you’ve been searching for.

To breathe and writhe and moan and move all of that chaotic energy of your mind down into your body. Into the earth. Where it shifts from knowledge into wisdom.

In Becoming The Source we do just that. Together, in a safe and supportive community, we explore the depths of our consciousness through these ancient practices, and from the depths we excavate liberation. Freedom from the binds of the mind. The capacity to rise as the fullest and most empowered version of yourself.

Join us for this 12-week journey where we show up as the heroes of our own lives. Expansive Lectures, Devotional Ceremonies, Powerful Embodiment Practices, Sisterhood to discover and step into the Fullness Of You.

The practice that will teach you here is quite simple. It’s one that uses breath, sound and movement in order to bring you into communion with your deep internal knowing. This practice can be used as a means of finding clarity, of liberation from shame, guilt, fear, anger or outdated programming, from ancestral or lived trauma, or simply just the binds of the mind. It’s a practice that connects you with your source. With the power that has been lying dormant within you. With your compassion and your wisdom and your grace. It uncovers your portals into the divine Feminine and sacred masculine and leads you into a life that is both strong and sensitive, grounded and wild, sacred and profane…

One of my favorite Shakespearen quotes is: “though she be little, she is fierce.” That’s how I feel about this practice. It is exceedingly simple, but it is simultaneously powerful. As you practice, you may be confronted with uncomfortable feelings or emotions. They aren’t feelings or emotions that have been generated by this practice, but rather, feelings and emotions that have been lying dormant inside you, festering underneath the surface, haunting you in subtle but persistent ways…As you feel these feelings, understand that you are releasing them. And when you release them, you become free of them. SO that which blocked your clarity, or your access to pleasure, or your success, or your happiness begins to fade away.

So while the practice itself is simple in nature, it isn’t always easy. It requires devotion. It necessitates grit. And it will ask you to be with yourself in the ways you have avoided, so you can become the person you know - deep down - that you are. Does it have the power to move you if you show up once and abandon it? Absolutely. But will it transform you if you devote yourself to it as a daily practice? More than I could ever describe.


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