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Medicinal Wisdom Healing Bath Feedback

Since I started offering my Medicinal Wisdom Baths baths in December, I’ve received feedback that has all basically asked the same question.

How does something as seemingly simple as bath salts turn into such a deeply profound experience?

🤍The baths unlock a portal to heal wounds they have been in avoidance of.

🤍The baths are like submerging themselves in love.

🤍The baths feel like a return to the safe and nourishing waters of the womb.

🤍The baths are permission to finally let go.

🤍The baths feel like a return to self.

And so on…

What I can tell you is:

That beyond organic ingredients of the highest quality, I bring to them my whole heart and a deep intentionality. It feels like magic to me to be making these treasures and sharing them on a wider scale (how did I wait this long!?), and that love and intention and magic gets transferred into them.

That my over 10 years of being a reiki master plays a big part in the frequency of the energy that gets infused into each bath.

That my maternal lineage of curandera/bruja mysticism is a big part of what inspired these baths many years ago, and that returning to them has been a return to self for me.

And also, there’s just the big: I don’t know. I’ve always sort of witnessed the experiences women have with me with a mixture of awe and surrender. The ever present: “did I really do that!?” Which is quickly overcome by the recognition that: “yes, I did that.”

And the recognition that not everything true and real needs or should be articulated.

Sometimes the best things are simply left experienced and unsaid.


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