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"I have been working with Christina for many years. I have found her to be knowledgeable, incredibly intuitive and compassionate. Working with her has truly changed my life and my soul for the better. I don't know what I would do without her." - Loren H.


"I had gone through a very traumatic period in my life in 2014, but looking back and reflecting, I realize that most of 2013 was traumatic as well. I was in a loveless marriage, was told by fertility doctors I had “unexplained infertility,” and had a negative self image. I divorced my ex-husband in June of 2014 after discovering he had been having an affair for 9 months. I worked through this trauma by cultivating a regular yoga and meditation practice. I thought I had done the healing and moved past it all, but something wasn’t quite right.

I met Christina through my yoga practice, and started working on my energy with her in 2017. During our sessions, I instantly felt a connection. She was calming and compassionate. I was able to truly be honest with her about my past, my fertility issues, and my fears. I never felt as though she judged or held any preconceived notions about me. I expressed to Christina my fear that I would never be able to have children. I told her my history of going for fertility treatments while I was married and having no luck. We discussed how I wanted to get my body ready to for a baby.

We worked together twice a week for about two months. During that time we talked about energy, my inner child, crystals, journaling, and burning shit that no longer served me. At the end of those months of work with Christina, I found out my partner and I were expecting! I was pregnant with no drugs, medical doctors, or fertility treatments. I was shocked and amazed.

Christina has an ability that words cannot do justice. I know she is the reason I was able to finally get pregnant. Christina gave me the tools to finally put an end to my negative self talk, and to start empowering other women to do the same. She assists her clients in confronting and moving past their demons so that they are able to live successful and fulfilled lives." - Lindsay Esposito


"Christina's love and passion for what she does is easily felt at a visceral level. Her gentle and loving way of spreading her knowledge through somatic healing, kundalini yoga, and as a transformative coach envelopes a rapport with all humans (regardless of age or background). Christina has introduced me to a new world that is based on love. I now not only know that love is the highest vibration of my soul, I feel it. Thank you, Christina." - Emily Tully 


"Christina Nicole is a loving, intuitive guide into our emotional and physical wellness. She is well-versed and studied in guidance for the soul and body which she has found to be one.  She is compassionate and patient and endlessly intuitive. She is a bottom less well of love and wisdom for all women on the path wherever it finds them and whatever it finds them facing. She champions your freedom fulfillment and total health." - Sarah Durham Wilson 


"If given the chance, I would highly recommend working with Christina, you will be giving yourself the best gift.  We all have that voice in our head saying, if I could just be a bit kinder, a bit less stressed, a bit more in touch with who I am, I would feel better, more connected, more at ease with life.  Christina is that person that can call forward your best self, help you know you and best of all help you love who you are from where ever you are starting.  I am a women’s health physical therapist and I refer clients to Christina without hesitation, because I know they will be falling, tripping, or leaping into very capable, loving arms.  She is the counter to all the “pain equals progress” exercise mentality that people are often unknowingly spiraling in.  She will show you how your physical body, and your mental body can achieve amazing results with grace and nourishment." - Heather Strauch 


"I have been seeing Christina for several months as I seek a stronger, calmer and more confident connection with my true self.  Christina is helping me cultivate just that through a combination of reiki, kundalini yoga practice, counseling and care.  Thanks to Christina's intuition and gentle wisdom I am getting to know myself in new, nurturing ways.  And I am embracing the bad-ass goddess within me!. It has been a very empowering experience and I highly recommend Christina's unique and compassionate approach to helping women looking for motivation, empowerment and connection to a higher self." - Michele

"Initially, I met with Christina for pain management associated with an autoimmune disorder. Not only did our restorative and yin yoga sessions quiet my physical pain, but the sessions also rejuvenated me mentally. Due to her breadth of knowledge, Christina was able to think on her feet and customize each session directly contingent on how I was feeling on any given day. As my goals changed, Christina’s sessions evolved with me. Whether seeking pain management, an introduction to yoga, or mastery of the most advanced poses, Christina tailors the flow and content of her sessions to the individual, allowing her clients to effectively reach their goals." - Maggie 


"I have been working privately with Christina for a year and have experienced a profound shift in my life - both physically and spiritually. As a cancer survivor, I can honestly say that I now thrive in part to my sessions with Christina. We initially focused on Restorative yoga and Reiki treatments and my strength and stamina increased concurrently with strategic additions to our sessions. I continue to be amazed by the transformational qualities of yoga, even moreso with creatively designed sequences that both optimize my health and target my goals. Christina has become a part of my family (and she also works with my husband and four children) and I can't imagine life without her sunny disposition and sense of humor!" - Suzanne 


"Christina is an amazing yoga teacher. She is very knowledgable about all aspects of the body and pays special attention to any injuries or special needs one might have. She makes yoga fun while still being challenging. I highly recommend Christina to anyone wanting to do yoga at either the beginner or advanced level!"- Debbie 

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