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 It is my belief that deep work is best served alongside deep pleasure. Immersions are the most potent and transformational way to experience your work fully, integrate it and then create a structure for sustainable embodiment. They're also really amazing and expansive ways to treat yourself as you cross the threshold from who you used to be into who you always wanted to be. 

 The Immersion Experience is different based on each individual's needs, but the overall flow is the same. We'll meet in the morning at our chosen location and discuss your goals and dreams over tea. We will then make our way into a sacred space for some light yoga and meditation, followed by a long gong bath. After an integration break, we meet for our first "breakthrough" session to begin our deep dive into your subconscious and pull out your blocks to happiness and success. After a beautiful lunch together and a soak or a rest, we will prepare for an outdoor excursion and a powerful releasing ritual. Our first day together will end with solo integration time, body work and dinner. The following morning we will have breakfast together and head back into our sacred space for more yoga and meditation and another "breakthrough" session, this one focused on what you are stepping into through this work. We will have a light lunch followed by shamanic energy work and an integration session and close our time together with a potent ritual.You will leave with homework, both to deepen the work and soothe your nervous system, and a renewed sense of your connection to Source and your divine purpose on this planet.


Depending on your needs, topics we will explore may include (but are not limited to):

Identifying and honoring your unique magic and how best to channel that into the world

Bringing subconscious or unconscious thought forms and patterns into conscious awareness

Exploring your vision for your life and work

Bringing mind, body and spirit into alignment with your soul 

Lifestyle Upgrades 

Soul Retrieval and Integration



If this peaks your interest...

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A two day/one night Immersion includes: one night lodging, four meals, tea and snacks, two full days of one-on-one work with Christina Nicole, one bodywork session and an outdoor excursion.

Pricing starts at $2500 I One payment of $2500 or two payments of $1350 

Immersions are highly customizable and available for up to four nights.

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