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Foundations of Pleasure

Digital Course

Hi! If you don't know me, 

I am Christina Nicole...

I seek and find pleasure in every corner of the world and every facet of the human experience. Pleasure has taught me how to feel safe in my body and my feelings, it has allowed me to heal from deep grief, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and a lifetime of trauma. It has changed my life and taught me how to teach you how to change yours.


I fully believe in the sacred power of pleasure: to heal us, to empower us, to enable us to live lives that are full of inspiration and passion and joy. And I know that, without exception, pleasure is our birthright.


Our collective disconnect from pleasure (I’m talking deep, juicy meaningful experiences that engage our five senses and rock our worlds) is making us sick, tired, scared, sad and feeling like we are powerless to change.

 I’m here to show you another way of being.





I don’t believe that we are victims of circumstance.


I refuse to buy into the “I will feel better once I have/am/do this” model.


We have everything we need NOW in every single moment to THRIVE in our current reality so we can make space for an even better one.

We are more powerful than we will ever know.


And that power exists in our ability to recognize, engage with and create deeper experiences of pleasure, joy and connection.


In the 10 years since I started this work, I have helped people who have found me in their darkest moments: lost, in pain, injured, addicted, diagnosed, disordered, sick, terrified, feeling stuck but afraid to be unstuck, etc., etc. etc.


I have worked with everybody and have seen everything.


I believe these magical souls were called to intimately share their journey and work with me because it is my divine calling to help elevate people from their current experience into one that is beyond their wildest dreams. 




I have worked tirelessly over the past 10 years to understand and get to the root of our collective plight. 


The root of all of our suffering is a compromised nervous system. And the route to all healing is pleasure.


I wouldn’t know this and be able to teach it the way I do, though, if I hadn’t also found a rock bottom (several times, in many different ways) and crawled my way out. I have tried all of the conventional/unconventional/Eastern/Western ways to help heal the laundry list of what ailed me, but only until I finally let go and fully pursued pleasure did I begin to heal.


Pleasure healed me and I know it will heal you, too.

And the best part is: once you start to feel good (like, really feel good and believe that you deserve it and get to keep feeling good), you begin to feel even better. And better, and better, and better…And when that starts to happen, the real magic of living reveals itself.


Here’s the catch:


You have to believe in the other side of what you’re currently experiencing.


And you have to believe you deserve to feel good in order to feel good.


That usually takes some work.


You first have to deprogram yourself from a lot of old conditioning that tells you (consciously or subconsciously) that you don’t get to experience a good life.


Then you have to learn how to dissolve your barriers, blocks and resistance to a good life. 


And then you have to train yourself to recognize, receive and pursue more of what brings you that good life.


Pleasure Is A Practice.

It is the ultimate uplevel.


When you decide to feel good, the universe rejoices and blesses you with boundless opportunities to feel even better.


But there is an initiation to this work.

This is not a medical or a spiritual bypass. It sometimes takes time and it always takes compassion and patience. 


You will be required to reprogram old belief systems so that you can create better ones. 


You will need to commit to yourself, and to love yourself back to commitment when you “forget”.


You will need to remind yourself day after day that this work is important, and that you are worth it.


This life is about so much more than existing.

It’s so much more than learning how to endure suffering.

It’s so much more than just getting by.


It's about being in love with yourself and your life and about sharing that love with everyone around you…unapologetically.


The bottom line is that we all have things in our life that create stress, tension, trauma and pain. We also have an equal measure of things that create pleasure, joy, connection, love, ease and ecstasy. And if we learn to tap into that source, not only will we begin to live in a more inspired and fulfilling way, but we will teach those around us and - maybe more importantly - those that come from us how to do the same.


I know we all have what it takes. 


Our first dive into developing a Pleasure Practice will look like this:


Pillars of Pleasure: Discover what pleasure is, what our blocks to pleasure are, why we resist pleasure and how to begin a Pleasure Practice.


Pleasure Mapping: Fine tune your Pleasure Practice and learn how to decode the pleasure you experience.


Deepening Pleasure: The vital importance of going beyond the surface and getting to know what *really* turns you on..


Sustaining Pleasure: The fine art of releasing your resistance to feeling good and learning how to expand the experience.


Maintaining Pleasure: The Healing Tantra of a Pleasure Practice


How It Works!


This course is held completely online 


The five modules have been pre-recorded for you


A new module will drop every Sunday morning 


The modules include homework, meditations, journaling exercises and more!


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