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Healing Through Pleasure

The Universe rejoices when you decide you are worthy of more...


 Do you feel limited by your experience of your life? As if there is more out there, but you can't quite access it?

 Do the stories of your past crowd out your present moment, or your hope for the future? Are you constantly reliving traumas or painful experiences?

 Are you always exhausted or frequently or chronically ill or stuck in a loop of depression or anxiety?

 Do you feel burnt out, uninspired, dissatisfied, afraid of the future and/or angry about the past?

 Are you unable to enjoy the present moment because you feel like something is missing or you always need to be doing more?

 Does it feel like you will never be able to get ahead of everything?

 Are you simply not enjoying your life as much as you know you could?




Do You Desire To...

 Wake up with energy and inspiration every day?

 Engage in your life with enthusiasm and gratitude?

 Feel better body, mind and spirit?

 Release your guilt around living a good life?

 Drop the shame you have around feeling good?

 Learn how to deepen and expand pleasure? 

 Connect with what makes you happy in your current life, and then use it to create an even better one?




If YouWould LikeTo...

 Discover how a Pleasure Practice can heal your nervous system

   Shift your awareness towards beauty in order to create a better life 

  Open your consciousness to receive pleasure in an impactful way 

 Change your entire life by giving yourself permission to feel good 


Pleasure is your birthright. And when you receive the pleasure available to you, you can heal your life.


Think of your nervous system as your own personal Union. It sets the terms for your success (your day-to-day life), and if its demands (needs) aren't met, the body and mind becomes stressed and the Union will go on strike (sympathetic dominance = exhaustion, depression, illness, injury, feeling uninspired, unmotivated, stuck, etc.).

Now think of pleasure as the easiest and most effective way to meet the demands of your Union. Pleasure is anything that engages your five senses (sight, touch, scent, sound, taste) and your awareness of it creates chemical, emotional and physical responses that enable your nervous system to enter parasympathetic dominance (rest and restore) and release trauma and everything that stresses the nervous system, and creates space for something better...a greater experience of life.


 Learn how and why pleasure can change your life!

Join Me 

I am offering a FREE webinar Sunday, March 1 at 10:30 am EST (replay will be available).

You will learn:


What your nervous system is and why is it important


What pleasure is


What are our blocks to pleasure & how to overcome them


How and why we avoid and resist pleasure


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